Custom Furniture

Why Choose Custom?


Ready-made furniture definitely serves its purpose. It's often easy to buy, cost-effective and trendy. In many cases, however, this kind of furniture may not stand the test of time due to the inferior quality materials used to cut down the price tag. On the other hand, we only use quality materials from the outset, giving you confidence that your furniture will still look incredible (and in many cases even better) with the passing of time. You'll never have to worry about joints coming loose over time or wood cracking in the winter!

Personalize Your Style

Have you ever purchased a table that didn’t quite hit the nail on the head? Furniture that’s purchased from a big box store is likely manufactured in large quantities in a style that will appeal to the masses. If you have a particular style in mind, a custom piece allows you to create something that nobody else in the world has except you!

More Bang For Your Buck

Many expensive retailers mark up their cost so that they can make money! Buying local means you can most likely save on shipping costs, big box store overhead, and possibly even on the total cost of your piece. A local craftsman will be able to provide a wider range of materials and finishes to choose from, and be able to construct your piece with stronger joinery. A handcrafted piece will outlast a big box store bought piece by decades, so you're saving big in the long run!