What Are My Countertop Options?


Often overlooked in favor of slate or granite options, the laminate countertop can provide your home with a wide range of visual and practical benefits that add immediate value to your home. As well as being esthetically pleasing, durable and long-lasting ,laminate countertops are also very budget-friendly compared to other types of material, while their low maintenance means that they are the perfect choice for a homeowner who doesn't have the time to spend cleaning their countertops diligently.


With so many stone options on the market today, you're sure to find the perfect option for you. Between marble, granite, soapstone or quartz, there's sure to be an option to meet your style, function, and budget.

Can Cabinets Work in Small Kitchen Spaces?

At Livingston Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on being able to design and create custom-made cabinets that will meet your kitchen's needs, irrespective of their size. And while we know that no homeowner would turn down a bigger kitchen, the fact of the matter is that our skilled team of specialists can enhance even the most compact of kitchens with well-made cabinets that will give your kitchen a whole new lease of life.

What Hidden Costs Come With Kitchen Remodeling?

While it may seem like a small issue, the reality is that failing to allocate enough money to eat out while your kitchen is being remodeled could have serious consequences for your budget and your family's happiness and, let's be honest about it, that's never good! At Livingston Cabinetry, we always advise our clients to budget for additional costs that come with eating out while your kitchen is being remodeled or else, if possible, find a nearby friend or family's home to cook in while the renovation and remodeling work is ongoing.

How Long Does The Installation Take?

There are many factors that go into estimating the length of a kitchen install. The number of cabinets, the finish of the doors and panels, the complexity of the cabinet trim, other kitchen reno projects like new flooring, electrical and plumbing, or changing the layout and moving walls. A straight forward installation could take around 2 days to complete, while a complex kitchen install could take 2 weeks.

Is There A Risk Of Damage To Our Floors?

Livingston Cabinetry takes the protection of your home very seriously. Before we raise a hammer, we cover your floors with heavy duty floor protection, and we also protect any corners or vulnerable areas on your walls. If we expect a lot of construction dust, we will erect temporary plastic dust barriers that extend from floor to ceiling. We sweep and vacuum at the end of every work day also.

Will We Be Able To Live In The House During Construction?

Because of the steps we take to mitigate dust and debris from entering your living space, it is possible to live in the home during the kitchen installation. Keep in mind though, we will be making noise as we work, and you will be without a kitchen to cook or wash dishes at, so you should plan for how you're going to cook your meals ahead of time.

How Should We Prepare For Our New Kitchen?

You should have your existing cabinets emptied out prior to install day. You'll also need to keep a pathway clear from the entrance to the space we'll be working in, so the installers and safely move materials and tools to the worksite. You should also know where your breaker panel is located so we can access kitchen breakers as needed during construction.